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The latest scientifically proven non-invasive treatment helping you reduce body fat permanently.

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Lipoglaze/ Cryolipolysis is also known as fat freezing treatment using advanced cooling technology on localised areas of the body which results in the death of the fat cells. Clinical trials have confirmed that fat cells become crystallised and destroyed when exposed to cold at certain freezing temperatures for a certain time. Cryolipolysis targets only the fat cells and does not impact the surrounding skin, tissues, nerves or muscles, as they are effected at a much lower temperature.


How does Lipoglaze/Fat Freezing work?

The fat cells in the area are frozen for a certain time and crystallised,  as a result the cells will no longer function so they breakdown using a process known as Apoptosis via the bodies natural functions to eliminate the fat cells.

There is no damage to the surrounding areas such as nerves, muscle or tissues, although there may be some temporary redness and bruising.

Does Lipoglaze/Fat Freezing work?

Yes, I have tried it myself before deciding to offer the treatments and it has worked 100% for me. There are many celebrity reviews, doctors reviews and TV features that support the effectiveness of fat freezing Lipoglaze/Cryolipolysis.

It is accepted as one of the most effective non-invasive fat loss solutions by the medical board and capable of losses between 33 -59% of fat cells with a single cryolipolysis treatment.

It is much more popular in the USA as in the U.K. but is becoming more widely known.

What happens to the fat cells after Lipoglaze/Fat Freezing?

Following Lipoglaze/Cryolipolysis treatment the fat cells die and are removed from the body via the natural elimination process.

It is important to drink plenty of water to flush out the crystallised lipids in the fat cells. Over the following 4 -12 weeks the fat cells breaks down and removed from the body completely.

Some people have reported good results within 3- 4 weeks and further treatments were not necessary but it all depends on diet and activities.

Exact results cannot be guaranteed and will vary depending on lifestyle and thickness of the fat on the area.

Before treatment:

Clients should avoid having a heavy meal or drinking coffee for 2 hours before treatment to the stomach area as this can cause nausea. Do not use sunbeds or expose the treated area to the sun for 24 hours after your session.

Alcohol should be avoided 24 hrs prior and after treatment.

What does Lipoglaze/Fat Freezing feel like?

Lipoglaze/Cryolipolysis is pain free and comfortable, however some report slight bruising or numbness for a while.

Lipoglaze/Cryolipolysis is completely non invasive so there are no cuts or any form or surgical process involved.

Once you are over the initial sensation I often have clients feel so relaxed that they doze off during the treatment process.

Can I drive and go to the gym after the treatment?

Yes, you will be able to resume your daily activities straight after the treatment, that includes driving, going to work and going to the gym etc.

Are results permanent?

Yes! Once the fat cells are distorted they will not come back on the area treated, assuming you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not exceed your normal calorie intake.

Who is suitable for Lipoglaze/Fat Freezing?

The best candidates are those who want to reduce stubborn fat on certain areas of the body and whom are not generally over weight.

Cryolipolysis should not be considered as an overall weight loss solution or a way to skip healthy eating habits but we have found it to be an excellent motivation aid. Some people are not suitable for medical reasons.

Do I need to diet?

No strict diet plan is required. We recommend that you just follow the simple aftercare advice given. You also need to increase your water intake. Also avoid or reduce alcohol, caffeine and other toxins that can slow down your bodies natural elimination processes.

What is the difference between Lipoglaze/Fat Freezing and other treatments?

Lipoglaze/Cryolipolysis is a non invasive natural reduction of fat cells, unlike liposuction that risk damage to the surrounding tissues, causing scars, uneven lumps or even risks that can be associated with surgery, cuts or incisions.

Liposuction is dangerous and there have been hundreds of thousands become critically ill or die after liposuction. This is not the case with cryolipolysis.

No exercise is required for Lipoglaze/Cryolipolysis to achieve results and the results are permanent but for quicker results lots of water intake and light exercise is useful to see the maximum benefit.

Lipoglaze/Cryolipolysis is clinically proven as an effective alternative for those wanting to avoid the higher cost, pain, risks, and recovery time associated with surgeries and laser treatments.

When you treat the area what happens to the rest of the body fat, will it move to other areas of body?

Once the fat cells are frozen and eliminated from your system, those cells are permanently removed. The fat cells that are destroyed will not come back on the same area treated, however there are other smaller fat cells on the area that could enlarge if you put on more weight.

There is no risk of fat moving from one area of the body to the other so your fat cells will not shift around your body to fill the loss.

What counts as an area in the treatment?

Each cup we used is classed as an area, for example a pair of love handles would be classed as 2 areas, 1 for each love handle.

Further examples are:

- Upper or Lower Abdomen = 1 area

- Upper & Lower Abdomen = 2 areas

- Hips = 2 areas

- Both Love Handles = 2 areas

- Inner or outer Thighs = 2 areas

- Back Rolls = 2 areas

- Both Arms (Bingo wings) = 2 areas

- Abdomen & Both Hips = 3 areas

- Lower Abdomen & Love handles = 3 areas

- Upper & Lower Abdomen & love handles = 4 areas


To help you calculate your body mass please visit: NHS BMI Calculator

What areas can I have treated?

See diagram (right) for details of all treatable areas.

We cannot treat the face, chin, ankles, wrists or knees.


Who cannot be treated?

You are not suitable candidate if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, recently had stomach surgery, have certain conditions such as heart condition, hernia, cold sensitivity or circulation problems.  Also those taking certain medications may not be suitable for Lipoglaze/Cryotherapy. We will discuss your past and current medical history and if you fall into



Any of the contraindicated categories we will not progress with the treatment.


Price list:  

Each client will receive a personal 30 mins consultation to establish lifestyle, aims and body sculpting requirements.


One area: £99 (60 minutes)

Two areas: £180 (2 hours)


*Discounts available on further courses.

We serve clientele throughout London and Essex


The Science Behind Lipoglaze™

Lipoglaze™ is based on Cryolipolysis. Lipoglaze™starts by gently warming up the treatment area which separates the fat cells from the tissue; then the area is carefully frozen and crystallised to a certain degree, allowing the fat cells to be destroyed and removed via a process called ‘Apoptosis’.


The actual science behind Lipoglaze™ has been extensively researched and documented, originally by scientists at Harvard.


Scientists also conducted their own clinical trials through the Institute of Asthetic Medicine in Glasgow. The results showed Lipoglaze™ to be safe with typical results of 33% fat removal and an astounding 59% fat reduction achieved in some trials.

Lipoglaze is a safe non-invasive treatment helping you achieve 33%- 59% of fat reduction in one area, permanently!

The cooling technology is so effective because fat cells tend to be rich in saturated fatty acids, meaning they are sensitive to the cold. Other cells, such as skin tissue, blood vessels and the nervous system are not so sensitive to cold and remain completely unaffected.


Cryolipolysis is also known as Fat Freezing, CoolSculpting and Cryolipolysis, they are a much more controlled treatment than traditional liposuction with none of the risks associated with surgical procedures, such as general anaesthesia, excessive bleeding, infection or scaring, making Lipoglaze™ a safer non-invasive option.


Over the following 2-12 weeks after treatment the fat cells break down and inch loss results can be noticed.