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Prices: (all include anaesthetic and second top up - 50% off further top ups)

Eyelash Enhancement: £200

Top Eyeliner: £250

Lower Eyeliner: £250

Eyeliner (top and lower): £380

Eyebrow Enhancement: £300

Eyebrow Reshaping: £380

Lip Liner: £380

Lip Liner and Blush: £500

50% off further top-ups

3D hair simulation technique allows you the most natural look, using 1-2 different colour pigments to shape and give that 3D effect


Semi permanent make-up application infuses natural pigments into the skin similar to tattooing but is not permanent. Using disposable sterile needles and safe pigments that can last between 8-18 months. This process is excellent for those who are too busy and find it difficult to apply professional make up daily.



Eyebrows frame the face and without them women feel uncomfortable with their looks. Ideal for those requiring a 24/7 fuller, bolder and more beautiful eyebrows. This is excellent for those who have lost their eyebrows through excessive tweezing, alopecia or cancer.

Essex's Semi-Permanent Make-Up and Cosmetic Tattooing expert

For semi-permanent make-up in Essex call

Semi-Permanent Make-Up in Essex

Internationally trained permanent make up artist Jilla is now based at the heart of Brentwood and London Harley Street.


Whether you want to redesign your eyebrows with the 3D hair simulation technique or simply enhancing the natural shape of your eyebrows, to having a beautiful professional eyeliner, Jilla's artistic background can help you achieve that perfect look.

semi-perm make-up

Up & Lower Eyeliner - Semi-Permanent Make-Up











Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement

Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement adds definition to your eyes, there is no smudging, or running of the eyeliner, leaving you with a professional look daily. Using the finest, medical grade mineral pigments and a choice of colours, you can choose either top, bottom or both lids for a more subtle eyelash enhancement (a fine line of pigment through the lash line) or a thicker and more conventional eyeliner.


At consultation your desired look will be discussed and before the treatment a topical anaesthetic is applied for your comfort. 


Jilla's initially studied Art in Cambridge and her first Semi Permanent Make-Up training was in 'Dallas' at 'The Texas Institute of Permanent Cosmetics' with Dixie Medford in 2007 and later with 'Finishing Touches Group', being one of the top leading centres for 'Medical Micro Pigmentation' in the UK.  


Keeping up to date with the latest techniques and her artistic background, Jilla uses her expertise to help you enhance your natural beauty. 


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