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Customer reviews

Take a look at what our international customers had to say throughout London and Essex

High quality skin treatments such as acne treatments recommended by happy customers

Claire Cotter, Essex

"Jilla for a mole removal, she was a really lovely person very calm and made me feel at ease, jilla explained everything that she was doing through the whole process. Would recommend anyone that has any moles or tags that make them feel conscious to visit jilla, very reasonable prices and comfortable procedure and surroundings."


Julia Crane

"After one too many wart like markings on my face I decided to go to the GP for a dermatology referral and removal only to be told that this route is no longer available on the NHS.

I had assumed that the medical route was the only route and had not considered  treatment in an aesthetic clinic. I discovered Devonshire House whilst searching on the internet and booked a session of wart removal treatment. Jilla was calm, professional, informative and removed what turned out to be ‘sebaceous bumps’  with care and speed. I am 2 weeks post treatment and the new skin beneath the scabs are starting to heal. Best of all those bumps have gone and with no incision or sutures there should be minimal scarring. I had ‘put up’ with this complaint for years, rationalizing to myself that I was not a vain person. But the truth is I was embarrassed about them when close up to people or whenever I saw a camera.  On reflection I cannot believe I waited so long to address my facial blemishes. Finally it feels like I have my face back!!! So happy. Thanks Jilla"


Ian W, Essex

"I had a skin tag which had been bothering me for a while so looked into where to go.

I found Devonshire House on-line and having never had any previous experience of aesthetics I was a little bit nervous about booking.

My worries were unfounded as Jilla made me feel very comfortable right away and the process was both quick and painless.

I highly recommend this clinic to anybody thinking of having work done.

Thank you Jilla."


SL Cridgwell

"I have been a regular customer of this clinic for quite some time and avail of the treatment course plans. The payment plans are cost effective, convenient and enable high savings as opposed to paying for each treatment on a pay as you go basis. As a qualified electrologist and aesthetician, I am well positioned to comment on the treatments I have had at this center and I can fully recommend Jilla who is the medical aesthetician. She is highly experienced and has superlative interpersonal skills. Her level of expertise is higher than usual and I have no hesitation in recommending her for any of the treatments. It is very difficult and rare to find such a high standard in this profession. I feel so lucky that I have found Jilla for all my aesthetic needs."



DAB feeling great

"Having had skin tags on my face I was always worried about having them removed but booked a appointment with Jilla she also found another two skin tags I did realize I had and removed those as well. Jilla explained the procedure making me feel very relaxed. Cannot recommend highly enough."



"For many years I had wanted to have a few unsightly skin tags removed but have always been put off by the high cost I expected to be quoted (a recent quote from a private hospital was over £1000), I contacted Jilla at Devonshire House and was amazed by the low cost so booked a free consultation. Upon meeting Jilla, my initial concerns at having what turns out to be a simple and quick procedure were put at ease and within 30 mins all the skin tags I wanted removed were gone! I should have done it years ago as it has already boosted my confidence without them! It also appears that there will be no scarring either, which is fantastic!I found the clinic to be friendly, helpful, quick to respond and to fit me in. I felt at ease and they were very happy to answer all my questions, no matter how trivial or silly they may have seemed. I would (and have already) recommend others to use this skin tag removal service."


Tony Baker

"Amazing treatment! After years of living with acne, skin is now looking fantastic! Very pleasant and wonderful staff! Would definitely recommend and will continue with my skin care! Thank you very much Jilla!"


Helene Samuel Mays

"Last night I had semi permanent make up applied to my upper eyelids. Jilla was very kind. I was nervous and shy but she put me at ease. She took great care in her work and my comfort at the same time, demonstrating a high level of customer care, skill and competence. I am really happy with the experience and the results"


Karen, Essex

"The scarring on my cheeks has dramatically improved"

"I have suffered with acne which has left scarring on my face. I had the deraroller to treat the scarring. After a few days I could already see the results, The procedure was uncomfortable but not painful. Afterwards my face looked and felt sunburnt but it calmed down after a few hours. I am having a course of 3 treatments so I look forward to my second appointment! I got my treatment at an excellent price and if you are lucky  (Like me) you will spot special offers so you can save quite a lot of money.


I found this clinic on the internet, the reviews were very good and it wasn't toofar from where I live. My visit went very well. All staff were friendly. It's a small clinic but very comfortable and easy to get to. Jilla Malek Mohammadiwho performed the dermaroller treatment, She was very friendly and helpful. She made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be going there again for treatments."


June R, Essex

"I have had skin treatments and also a facial at the Brentwood address. I have been delighted with the results and have recommended these to friends and family. An excellent therapist."


Jake, Essex

"I had a few small moles that I needed rid of and after contacting Jilla I was booked in straight away. She was very friendly and professional and she was clearly experienced as it did not take her long to remove the moles quickly and completely with only slight discomfort. Very very fair price aswell, would deffo recommend!"


Elisa Davies, Omaha, USA

"Jilla is a skilled aesthetician and provides wonderful treatments - Jilla has dedicated her life to making things more beautiful, and I greatly appreciate the services she provides!”


Ana Christina Estevanovich-Chishom, Cayman Islands

“Jilla has always provided me with excellent service, she is both sweet and professional and her customer service is exquisite. The services she provided for me included many skin treatments and electrolysis. These services were provided with complete care and skill.” 


Marit Hudson, Miami, USA

“Jilla treated me with a facial peel, which left my skin extremely smooth and soft and in so much better condition than prior to my treatment. I found Jilla to be very enthusiastic about her work and she carefully explained how the treatment would work and performed it with a high degree of precision and professionalism.” 


Megan Kounnas, New York, USA

“… The fact that she is also an artist with a steady hand made me feel much more comfortable. All went very well with the electrolysis. She was fast and efficient and really knew what she was doing! Very minimal pain was experienced and absolutely no scarring or bruising! I wish I could have her here in NYC with me!”


Rebecca Jones, Cayman Islands

"My name is Rebecca, I fell in love with semi-permanent make-up about a decade ago. A few years later I moved back to my home Grand Cayman and I started to fret about who would touch up my semi-permanent make-up. I met Jilla in a medical spa and immediately felt at ease. She was very professional and confident and had a calm manner which put me at ease. Jilla was very patient and professional at all times. Jilla is a natural at this work and her artistic background enables her to have an edge in this industry. I have told Jilla that I will happily come to London to get touch ups in the future with the semi-permanent queen!"


Angela Bross, DVM, Hampton, Virginia, USA

"I received electrolysis from Jilla while living on Grand Cayman Island. Jilla is a caring, gentle and meticulous practitioner who was always considerate of my comfort while under her care. I highly recommend her as I know from first-hand experience that she has high standards and produces wonderful results.


Kara Donnelly, Cayman Islands

"A few years ago I went to see Jilla to remove some skin tags. I work out sometimes up to twenty hours per week in the heat and humidity of the Cayman Islands and this tends to result in skin tags around those areas where my skin or clothing rubs. I had the procedure done before by someone else and it was NOT the most pleasant experience hence I was a bit nervous upon arrival to Jilla. Jilla was careful to remove them quickly and made sure that I was as comfortable as I could be. No scarring either. I just wish she was still here to do them for me!"

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